The story of GamingBuddy

A social media that improves your gaming and takes everything to a whole new level.

1. The beginning
2. The Pre-launch
3. The Beta-version
4. The team


The first metting with the team - - a social media for gamers

The Beginning

GamingBuddy started with Rasmus biking past a local netcafe with lots of gamers sitting inside, wondering: why can’t gamers connect easily online?

Soon after he came up with the idea of GamingBuddy: a platform that connects like-minded gamers. He figured that he needed others to help him develop this amazing concept, so he contacted his close business associate Frederik Riber Larsen who found Vicente. Afterwards Rasmus contacted Lau and Lukas who he new from other business ventures. Lukas and Lau are the tech-guys. Since then we haven’t looked back, we have been working day and night. We have talked to hundreds of gamers in order to gain valuable insights and feedback on our concept. Furthermore we have been in contact with several experts within the gaming industry to gather feedback and new ideas. is today based upon knowledge and feedback from both professional and day-to-day gamers but we are always developing and new features might be implemented at any time.



The first flyer made by - a social media for gamers

The Pre-Launch

We started bootstrapping to gain pre-launch sign-ups in October. Early November, we began our pre-launch where we wanted to start informing our potential users about GamingBuddy. In this period of time we got a lot help from interested gamers, influencers and other experts within the gaming industry. They helped spreading awareness around the concept. By doing so we got a lot of positive feedback, and we could see our sign-ups grow organic and significantly. Our record was 150 sign-ups in two days. It was truly amazing, and we are very grateful for that experience that early on. At the ending of the pre-launch 900 gamers from every corner of the earth had already signed up.



The first gaming event gamingbuddy attended - - a social media for gamers

The Beta-version

It is our utmost wish and greatest mission to build a social media which can be used by a great number of gamers on a daily basis. That is why we started with a beta-version. It is our goal to gain as much feedback and valuable insight to how we can develop and create an even better platform, upon the feedback we get from our beta-version.

Our beta-version will be very complex and give a lot of great experience while using it. We have used API’s from all games included on our platform. Meaning every gamer can match easily with like-minded gamers.

To further develop our platform, we have integrated a button where each gamer can give feedback, valuable insights and share gaming related ideas.

Kind regards

The GamingBuddy team




The Team

CEO at gamingbuddy

Rasmus Bork Tingleff Bruun

Rasmus started as an entrepreneur at the age of 19 years old. He has been start-up minded since then and always looked for new and exciting opportunities. He assembled the team, keeps the overview and always thinks of what should be done next in order to increase the value of GamingBuddy and its users experience.

programmer at gamingbuddy

Lukas A. G. Mittun

Lukas is the architect of our amazing platform and has experience with developing web applications etc. since he was 14 years old. Lukas is a passionate developer and learns by being involved with new exciting projects. Lukas is always working closely with Lau apart the GamingBuddy team.

graphic designer at gamingbuddy

Lau Falke Gammeljord

Lau is our talented designer and creates everything from own mind. He is the creative drive force on the team. Lau and Lukas met in folk school and started by doing website consultancy work for smaller businesses. Since then Lau has picked up graphical design work as his main focus.

CPO at gamingbuddy

Vicente Mac Hansen

Vicente is our SoMe responsible. He finds the posts we do on our social media. It is also him who filmed and instructed all GamingBuddy’s videos. Vicente also provides amazing inputs to conceptual additions on the platform which benefits every gamer using GamingBuddy.