Harness the benefits of social gaming,
Increase your user engagement

Flexible and easy to integrate SDK, Customisable matchmaking AI,
and increased user engagement!

Are forums and groups really the
best way to find the best buddies to play with?

Matchmaking solely on ping or skill level just isn't good enough

Bad social experience

Unenjoyable gameplay

Can lead to toxicity and dissatisfaction

Existing solutions are too basic

No regard for psychographic profiling

Rigid matchmaking parameters

Negative impact on user retention/engagement


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It’s all in the game!

Focus your time and effort on what really matters, the game!

GamingBuddy caters to your needs and will empower the
social experience of your users by ensuring the best possible match!

Our matchmaking algorithm, user profiling and filtering capabilities save you time and ensure the best possible matches

Step 1

Integrate GamingBuddy in your game

Using our SDK and flexible integration, we can cater to all types of online multiplayer games

Step 2

Customise your parameters

We define the technical parameters as well as the social ones!

Step 3

Start matching!

We automatically match gamers with the most optimal matches based on their profile to ensure the best possible matches

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GamingBuddy is much more than ‘MatchMaking’

Ensure the best online social experience by matchmaking gamers with the best possible buddy!

Our vision is to have a safe non-toxic global gaming community

Providing a software that connect like-minded gamers makes gaming more fun and it lowers toxicity. GamingBuddy is founded by 4 gamers all of which were frustrated off the lack of opportunity to grow one’s network of gamers but also being met by toxic gamers and the fact that the issue has grown bigger day by day. We stand against toxicity and we want to break the cycle of what stimulates toxicity in the gaming community. Therefore we do several actions to achieve our ambition: Our level-system is designed to stimulate good behaviour, gamers can commend gamers who has a positive attitude. In short, we design our software to make a more fun and engaged gaming community. We also host events, physical and online, with wholesome stakeholders who wants to create a better gaming community