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Nytorv 2019

We are currently not hosting any events this month in Copenhagen. But feel free to sign up for our notification letter!

To be announced

GamingBuddy @ Nytorv 3, Strøget

1000 DKK

+50 gamers


We have a prize pool of more than 1500 kr. for all first place winners and awesome merchandise from our partners.

FIFA (2v2)

  • Winner. 1000 DKK
  • Second. 500 DKK

NOTICE: The first 150 participants gets a free Carlsberg Sport drink and all participants in this event gets a discount on 50 kr for our LAN-party and can use it when attending 07/09 by buying it at the event at our booth

Everyone’s included!

All our participants, buddy’s, tournament goers, and Lan members, automatically take part in the lottery for a brand new GameBoks, a GamingBuddy hoodie and Carlsberg Sport. GameBoks, a Danish company, have developed a product making it possible for console gamers to transport their gear making gaming more mobile. Their vision of making gaming mobile and social are values that we support! Check them out here:

Our motivation to host the LAN: Making gaming social again

It is our mission to become the best social media for gamers that connects and unifies the gaming-community. We believe that hosting social gaming-events is a great method that will help us achieve this goal, after all, nothing can compare to the eccentric mood and feeling of unity seen at LAN-parties, which is the feeling we seek to translate to users on our GamingBuddy platform. We want to host many more amazing gaming-events in the future and bring gamers together, setting the scene for greater and a more social gaming experience!


Meet n greet

10.30 - 11.15


11.15 - 15.00

The winner gets announced

15.00 - 15.30

Chill FIFA

15.30 - 17.30

Parken 2019

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