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When you arrive at the site you can either pick a game and play CSGO, Fortnite or LOL in both competitive and casual mode if you are craving to find a gamingbuddy or scroll a bit down to be enlightend by your news feed composed by your amazing gamingbuddies.

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When you are craving to find a gamingbuddy (currently) in CSGO, Fortnite or LOL you go to the matching site. Here you will first of all be presented with eight other players picked thoroughly based on your connected gaming account and the similarity in gaming traits. If you aren't satisfied or want a more unique gamingbuddy you can search for a buddy based on multiple search criterias.

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GamingBuddy is a social media for gamers and therefore we have included the possibility to explore hashtags, other gamers and teams. The explore site allows you to view all posts within a certain hashtag (e.g. Astralis).

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Improve your overall gaming experience

GamingBuddy makes it easy to find new gamers to play with and let's you be up-to-date with your favorite gaming teams.

GamingBuddy was founded by 4 young individuals with a dream of making gaming as social and interactive as it once was and as it has the potential to be! We consist of 5 students each studying their respective courses ranging from business economics, culture to development and entrepreneurship. We are between the ages of 18 to 23, all with the same burning passion to make GamingBuddy the best new social media platform for all gamers.

GamingBuddy is a new Social Network that caters towards bettering the overall social experience for gamers worldwide. We do not discriminate based on culture, language, game, age or console. We at the GamingBuddy team are looking to get rid of the stigma that gaming has on modern society. The stigma surrounding video games is very real, and for many, gaming is seen as portrayed in popular culture as a solo activity carried out by an individual in front of a screen alongside an empty pizza box, bag of chips and a large soda. Gamers tend to look a certain way, be a certain gender, and act in a particular manner. Gamers are thought to only play video games, as if they have no other hobby other than being alone behind a screen. We plan to make gaming social again. We promote healthy gaming. We promote social gaming.

Apart from offering users a completely free social media platform on which users can voice their gaming needs and opinions, we on the GamingBuddy team, give you the ability to match and find new buddies to game with, with our ‘quickmatch’ feature. Have you been wanting to play more competitively? You can create teams and/or join them. We plan to introduce a new system in which we get teams to face each other in tournaments hosted by GamingBuddy, with prizes that will make you want to win! These many plans lie within the foreseeable future, but as of yet, we would like to introduce you to this beta experience and help us make GamingBuddy the new best social media for gamers. We do plan to host a variety of LAN events locally and eventually expanding, as a way for our GamingBuddies to meet each other in real life!

We do not discriminate by console. It is our mission to connect all gamers, whether they play on Nintendo, PC, Playstation, Xbox or Mobile. Once a gamer, always a gamer, and with that being said, we welcome everyone to join our community. We invite them to build their own communities, and create new social connections with like-minded individuals looking to expand their gaming network. Help us help you grow GamingBuddy into the network that we all deserve!

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